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The rural House ‘Casa de Campo Almanzor’ arranged some partnerships as for providing trips, both relaxing and adventure / discovery moments.
We put at guests’ disposal (free of charge) some bicycles for a better profit of the privilege of a direct and full communion with the Nature.
To go for a walk in the surrounding groves that are part of the Farm which, on the other hand, spreads up and downhill, with the fruit trees and the refuges of a diverse fauna, offers to the visitor agreeable trips since the very early morning (the best medicine against the stress of the town) or during the afternoon, breathing the country pure air.
We also provide, at special prices and timetables to plan, the following experiences:
  • Massage Ayurvedic (with Tibetan cups).
  • Paraglide.
  • ark of the Monks (opened during several months) – place of adventure and entertainment for everybody and where, besides the amusement, it will be also possible to taste the famous Conventual Sweets of Alcobaça.
  • To ride a horse.
  • Boat rides, with or without sportive fishing.
  • Walking trips with a guide.
  • BTT routes (guests’ mountain bikes) with guide.
  • Surf and/or Body board.