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Who we are

Located at Capuchos, county of Alcobaça, the rural house ‘Casa de Campo Almanzor’ was born as a project of rural tourism wished to be nice, effective and where you can find the peace and quiet to relax, to find and to enjoy the wonders of the region.

This rural house picked up its name from an Arab alcayde named Ben Almanzor, responsible for the Castle of Alcobaça in the 12th century, who defended it courageously until the arrival of the army of the King D. Afonso Henriques, at the time of the expansion of the Portuguese territory and of the definition of the Portuguese borders.
Just at 3 Km from the Monastery of Saint Mary of Alcobaça, World Heritage Site and one of the 7 wonders of Portugal, the rural house ‘Casa de Campo Almanzor’ is at 14 Km far from Nazaré beach, at 20 Km from S. Martinho do Porto beach, at 40 Km from the Fátima Shrine, at 30 Km from the Mediaeval Village of Óbidos and at about 80 Km from Lisbon.
Alcobaça, called as Land of Passion, is famous because of the fruits, the cotton fabrics known as chita, the internationally admired ceramic articles. It’s also very well known because of the Conventual Sweets, a legacy of the Cister Monks Religious Order (Monastery of Alcobaça) and the Nuns of the Nunnery of Cós (located at about 6 Km), with which Alcobaça offers an yearly event each November.
Consisting in 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living and dinning rooms, kitchen, hall, snooker, gardens, swimming-pool and private parking, the rural house ‘Casa de Campo Almanzor’ is integrated in the country (in the farm of same name) where the visitor may enjoy both the picking of the fruits and other activities related to the country life.
The rural house ‘Casa de Campo Almanzor’ offers an extraordinarily beautiful landscape having the ‘Mountain of Candeeiros’ as background, in a mixture of colours and contrasts likewise a fantastic painting with which only the Nature is able to surprise us.